WHY ASK WHY?? (Two Guys Sitting At A Bar, Asking Each Other Strange Questions.

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(Two guys sitting at a bar, asking each other strange questions. After each
question, answer appears on screen. Ladies, PLEASE don't flame me too much
for this one. In fact, I would enjoy seeing the same scenario with the genders

Q: "Why do women always know when you're not telling the truth?"
A: They don't. Believe me.
Q: "Why do they always change their minds at the last minute?"
A: They're confused.
Q: "Why do we keep putting up with them?"
A: Sex.

What do Lesbians think of oral sex ?
Seen on a T-Shirt At Banff national Park, Canada :
Scene : A Grizzly, smirking, lounging in the sun, with a conspicuously
full belly :
Send More Tourists
And, on the back, :
The Last Batch were delicious

Travelling salesman is going to spend night in farmer's daughter's
bedroom (standard t.s.-joke beginning).
Farmer says, "I must tell you that my daughter is mentally retarded;
don't you dare mess with her!" Salesman notices large shotgun in
In the middle of the night, farmer's daughter (who is absolutely
beautiful) kneels by salesman's bed. "How about a hand job?"
"Oh, no thanks, we mustn't do that," replies the salesman.
"How about two hand jobs?
"No, no, please leave me alone; I've got to get some sleep."
"How about two hand jobs and a tongue job?"
This is too much to resist! The salesman says OK.
Farmer's daughter goes:
[Stick a thumb in each ear, stick tongue out, wave hands:]
"B-dee B-dee B-dee! ...

A guy from <pick a place> goes to New York City for the first time.
He notices that the place is full of hookers; they're everywhere! He
wants to take one on, but he only has $14.
Hooker approaches, says "Hey, want to party?"
"Sure, but I've only got $14."
"I'll give you a penguin job for $14."
He's never heard of a penguin job, but he agrees. They go into a dark
alley. She drops his pants down around his ankles, and goes down on
him. Just as he's about to get off, she jumps up and runs away.
[Taking very short steps]: HEY! WAIT!