Once There Was A Priest Who Was Travelling Quite Some Distance, So He Stopped At A Convent To Seek Lodging For The Night.

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Once there was a priest who was travelling quite some distance, so he stopped
at a convent to seek lodging for the night. The nuns had an extra room, so
they let the father come in and stay until morning. The next day, one of the
young novices happened to be chatting with the Mother Superior. "Did you
know," said the novice, "that I have the Gateway to Heaven right here
between my legs? And did you know that Father John has the key between his
legs?!" "The Key to Heaven?"said the Mother Superior, suddenly suspicious,
"What does it look like?" The novice described the 'key,' whereupon the
Mother Superior cried, "He told -ME- it was Gabriel's Horn!"