There Once Was A Guy Named Benny. He Was Sitting In The Bleachers At Fenway One Day When Wade Boggs Hit A Homerun.

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There once was a guy named Benny. He was sitting in the bleachers at Fenway
one day when Wade Boggs hit a homerun. He told the guy next to him, Eddie,
that he knew everyone. Eddie seriously doubted this and bet twenty dollars
Benny did not know Wade Boggs. So, after the game, they went to the club-
house where the great third baseman shook Benny's hand and invited him out
for beers. Eddie was impressed, but not satisfied; he bet $1000 that Benny
did not know the President of the United States. So, Benny and Eddie went
to the White House, where the President invited them to a State Dinner
honoring the Queen of England. Eddie was astonished! Still he was doubtful
that Benny knew -EVERYONE-. He bet a million dollars that Benny did not know
the Pope. So, Benny and Eddie went to St. Peter's Square in Rome. There the
Pope was saying mass for 100,000 people. Benny walked up and stood behind
the Pope. After the mass, just as the Pope embraced Benny warmly, Benny
noticed Eddie fainting. Benny rushed over to Eddie and woke him up with
smelling salts. "What happened Eddie?" Benny asked. Eddie replied, "I was
surprised when you knew Wade Boggs, and shocked when you knew the President,
but when a guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked, 'Who is that guy with