Three Gays Are Driving Around San Francisco, When They Had To Stop For A Red Light.

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Three gays are driving around San Francisco, when they had to stop for a
red light. Unfortunately, the large semi-trailer behind them burned out
his breaks on the steep downgrade and slammed into the back of the gays'
car. Bruce, the gay who was driving, looked at his buddies and asked if
they were okay. One friend, Harvey, complained of a sore neck. So Bruce
jumped out of the car, stormed up to the truck, and pounded on the door
saying, "I hope you've got good insurance buddy, my friend is really hurt!"
The truck driver, a real road hog, rolled down the window and said, "Suck
my motherfucking dick, you faggot!" Bruce just smiled and pranced back to
his car. "We're in luck fellas," said Bruce, "he wants to settle out of
court ..."