Harold Suspected His Wife Of Playing Around On The Side, So One Day He Took The Afternoon Off And Comes Home Extra Early.

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Harold suspected his wife of playing around on the side, so one day he took
the afternoon off and comes home extra early. He entered his apartment,
which was on the 3rd floor, and started looking around. Upon entering the
bedroom he found his wife laying in bed. On her nightstand was a lit ciga-
rette. In the ashtray on his nightstand, on the other side of the bed,
there was another lit cigarette. Harold went beserk. After beating his wife
upside the head, he proceeded to search the apartment. It was not long
before he spotted a pair of hands hanging on the window sill, outside
the bedroom. He grabbed one of the ashtrays and pounded on the hands until
the battered fingers let go. Despite falling thirty feet the cuckold was
still alive and trying to crawl away. Now worried that he might go to jail
if his wife's lover lived to tell the police, Harold ran into the kitchen
and pushed the refrigerator into the bedroom and out the window. He was
so worked up, and the refrigerator was so heavy, that the effort of
pushing it out the window gave poor Harold a heart attack, and he died.

When Harold arrived at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter asked Harold what had
happened to him. Harold told his story, and Peter let him in. Soon there-
after a second guy showed up for admission to Heaven. When St. Peter asked
him why he was there, he said "I don't know what happened, I was a window
cleaner. I was working on the fifth floor of an apartment building when
my safety strap broke and I fell. I caught myself on the ledge of a 3rd
floor apartment. Then somebody smashed my hands and made me fall to the
sidewalk. I was stunned, but okay. The next thing I know, I look up and
there is a refrigerator coming down at me ..." He too was allowed in.
It was not long before a third potential angel approached the gates.
St. Peter asked the third guy, "What happened to you?" The guy said,
"I don't know. I was sitting in this refrigerator minding my own
business ..."