Unknown This Guy, Named Bob, Suspected His Wife Of Cheating On Him, So One Day He Came Home From Work Early.

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This guy, named Bob, suspected his wife of cheating on him, so one day he
came home from work early. Sure enough, he found his wife naked on the bed.
He ran all around the house, looking for the other man. Eventually, he
found a man trying to hide from him by hanging on the porch railing. He
started punching the intruders fingers, to kill him. The intruder fell off,
but landed in a bush, so didn't die. Then, since Bob was so mad, he threw a
refrigerator over the ledge, having a heart attack in the process. Bob went
up into heaven, and there was two other men there. God said, "We're really
busy today, so which ever one of you has the most exotic death can stay."
The first man, Bob, said, "Well I suspected my wife was cheating on me, so
I came home early one today. I found a man hanging on my railing, so I
smashed his fingers. He fell, but didn't die, so I threw a refrigerator at
him, having a heart attack in the process." "Pretty exotic..." said God.
"Next?" The second man said, "Well, I was having my porch railing fixed
today and it was hot, so I had my porch door open. Suddenly, I slipped on
some juice that I spilled on my Norta-Track and flew outside. Luckily, I
caught the railing of my neighbors porch, downstairs. Then this crazy man
started punching my fingers and I fell. I landed in a bush, though, and
survived. But that wasn't enough for him and he threw a refrigerator on top
of me." "Very exotic..." God said. "And you?" The third man said, "I was in
this refrigerator, when all of a sudden...