This Big Guy (and I Mean *really* Big) Is Sitting In His Local Pub, Having A Beer When This Little Guy Comes Running In.

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This big guy (and I mean *really* big) is sitting in his local pub,
having a beer when this little guy comes running in. "Quick, quick",
he says, "there's a guy in bed with your wife!" The big guy downs
his beer, slams the glass on the bar counter and rushes, swearing,
to his car, a new BMW. With screaming tyres and a gnashing of teeth
he drives home. (He has this big double-story house with garden,
palm trees etc.) His wife just manages to meet him at the door, still
buttoning up her blouse, hair all in a mess and a looking a bit
flushed. "Where's the bastard, I'll kill him", says the big guy and
rushes up the stairs to the next floor - bathroom, bedroom kitchen etc.
The search continues for a few minutes amidst much ranting, raving and
further gnashing of teeth when, as he reaches the kitchen, he hears
someone starting up his car. For a second he wavers, but as he's also
a quick-thinking guy, he realizes there's only one thing he can do. So,
he lifts the refrigerator and with a mighty heave throws it out the
window onto the escaping car. All hell breaks loose because our hero
slips in the process and follows the refrigerator out the window onto
the car. Remember, he was on the second floor.

When he wakes up in hospital later he's covered from head to foot in
bandages and plaster and has various broken bones. He turns and sees
he's not alone. The guy next to him is in worse shape than he. So he
says "What happened to you?". "You won't believe it", he replies "I
was sitting peacefully, driving this car when suddenly a refrigerator
falls from the sky, wrecking me and the car". The big guy is just
considering whether to deal with him immediately or to wait until he's
recovered when the other guy says, "But you should see *him* - he
looks really bad." The big guy looks around and sees that there is yet
a third man in the room, and he is badly beaten up - all arms and legs
broken, everything in plaster, only eyes and mouth sticking out etc.
(the classic picture). "What happened to you?", says the big guy. The
third guy can hardly talk and obviously hadn't been following the
conversation. "It's a long story", he manages to utter "but, basically,
you see, I was sitting inside this refrigerator ..."