When Noah Was Loading The Animals On The Ark, A Pair Of Adders Came To The Gangplank.

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When Noah was loading the animals on the ark, a pair of adders
came to the gangplank. Noah said "I'm sorry, but I can only take
animals that can multiply, and you're adders". They said "Well,
how are we gonna survive the flood??!!??" Noah said "I don't
know, and I wish I could help you, but I've got my orders right
from the Top." So the adders built a high platform out of tree
trunks, and stayed up on that during the flood. When the flood
subsided and the ark docked, Noah came down the gangplank and to
his amazement was met by the two adders with a whole lot of
little adders. He said "I didn't know you could multiply!!!"
They said "Neither did we, until we got on the log table."