Everyday Miss Nun Would Ride From The Convent Into Town To The Market.

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Everyday Miss Nun would ride from the convent into town to the market.
And as it happens one very persistent cop on a bike (Jan van der Merwe)
would let her pull over to the side of the road and administer a drunken-
ness test (breath-a-lyzer test) on Miss Nun.
This happens for 3 months, after which poor Miss Nun is almost in tears.
She tells Mother Superior of Bad Cop Van der Merwe and that she has to
do the breath-a-lyzer each day! Mother Superior calms Miss Nun down and
tells her that the following day she would accompany her to the town market.
Next day Miss Nun and Mother Superior on the way to the market and as per
usual Van lets her pull over. He parks his bike in front of the car, and
gets his ticket book out and walks over to the car, with Miss Nun and Mother
Superior inside....and (shock!) his pants drop down!
Mother Superior gawks at Miss Nun and exclaims, "So _this_ is the
breath-a-lyzer you talked about!"