This Beautiful Blonde Is Speeding Through Town When A Police Officer Pulls Her Over.

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This beautiful blonde is speeding through town when a police officer pulls
her over. The officer asks to see her license. The blonde shows a
puzzled look on her face, and asks what a license is. The cop answers by
saying that she had to take a written test, a drivers test, then if she
passed, she got a little piece of paper with her picture and her address
on it encased in plastic. "Oh, I think I've got one of those." So the
blonde digs in her purse and pulls out the license. The officer goes back
to call it in. A minute later, he returns and asks for her registration.
"What's a registration?" she asks. "When you purchase a car, we send you
license plates, a sticker, and a little pink piece of paper with the model
of the car on it." She stops and thinks about it for a minute, then says
"OH, I think I've got one of those." And she digs in the glove
compartment and produces the registration slip. The cop goes back to the
squad car and calls it in. A minute or two later, the cop comes back with
his pants down and his rod hanging out. "Miss, I'm going to have to ask
you to take a breath-a-lizer test."