This Fellow's Wife Was Very Flat Chested. He Came Home From Work One Day And To His Utter Amazement, There Was His Wife With A Pair Of 44" Breasts.

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This fellow's wife was very flat chested. He came home from work one day and
to his utter amazement, there was his wife with a pair of 44" breasts. He
said, "My gosh, Martha, what happened?" She said "Honey, I was making myself
look all pretty for you and I was looking in the mirror behind the door,
and I said to it, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, make my tits size 44', and
BOOM, look at the size of these suckers!" The fellow was just overwhelmed.
He ran upstairs, jumped into the shower, combed his hair, stood there look-
ing at himself and his little thing hanging there. He said to the mirror,
"Mirror, mirror on the door, make my dick touch the floor," and BOOM! His
legs blew off.