There Was A Young Girl Of Penzance Who Boarded A Bus In A Trance The Passengers Fucked Her, Likewise The Conducter, The Driver Shot Off In His Pants.

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There was a young girl of Penzance
Who boarded a bus in a trance
The passengers fucked her,
Likewise the conducter,
The driver shot off in his pants.

There was a young man of Kildare
Who was fucking a girl on the stair.
The bannister broke,
But he doubled his stroke
And finished her off in midair.

1) When little, I thought girls were pests
'Til they started developing breasts.
My opinions soon changed
As their forms rearranged,
And I now enjoy fucking their chests.

2) To sit on a(n) XXX toilet,
One must take the seat off and boil it
To kill off the germs
And wash off the sperms
And other foul stuff that may soil it.

There was a young whore named Sue
Who filled her vagina with glue
She said with a grin
If they pay to get in
They'll pay to get out of it too

A horny polo player from Berkeley
Made love to his girlfriend quite beserkly
In the midst of each chukker
He would break away and fuck her
Horizontally, laterally, and verkeley