Two Old Ladies Were Walking Down The Street One Wintry Day When They Heard A Voice Calling For Help.

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Two old ladies were walking down the street one wintry day when they heard
a voice calling for help. They looked around and saw a little green leg
sticking out from beneath a snowbank, so one of the old ladies digs down
and pulls out a very cold frog and starts warming it up in her hands. The
frog says, "Oh thank you, thank you. I was freezing to death under that
snowbank before you came along and saved me."

The old ladies are, of course, amazed by the fact that this frog can talk.
The frog continues, "You know, I'm not actually a frog, and if you kiss me
I'll turn back into a handsome prince."

The old lady nods at this but just slips the frog into her pocket. The other
old lady looks puzzled and asks, "Well, aren't you going to kiss him and see
if it works?"

The first old lady replies, "Certainly not! I can make a whole lot more money
with a talking frog."