Things Overheard At The World Series 16> "...and Now, Here's The New Owner Of The Marlins, Mr.

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Things Overheard at the World Series

16> "...and now, here's the new owner of the Marlins,
Mr. Tony Montana."

15> "These long games must be part of NBC's 'Must-Sleep TV'
programming strategy."

14> "Y'know, Livan -- Win, lose or draw, this sure beats workin'
a real job!"

13> "Sell! This parade is gonna cause a ticker tape shortage
that'll rock Wall Street!!"

12> "Hey look. The temperature equals Hershisers age."

11> "With all of the Cuban-Americans here, I'd have thought
these Castro posters would have sold better."

10> "Is it just me, or is Dan Marino getting fat?"

9> "If that organist plays 'La Cucaracha' *ONE* more time, I'm
gonna take a bat to his head."

8> "Peanuts! Popcorn! Spanish - English Dictionaries!"

7> "Ahh, the old 'Throw-a-snowball-to-the-plate-then-pick-the-
runner-off-first-base' trick."

6> "Why on earth would anyone name a baseball team after that
'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' guy?"

5> "Hey ump! Check the pitcher's green card!!"

4> "I can hardly bring myself to suit up tonight, knowing that
gentle songsmith John Denver will never again pen one of
his wistful melodies."

3> "No, Mrs. Schott, they're not *really* Indians..."

2> "Please welcome the cast of 'Annie', who will sing our
national anthem... --Oh I'm sorry, that's HANSON!"

and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at the World Series...

1> "I don't know why the man keeps grabbing his pee-pee, Bobby."

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