My Friend Steve One Day A Husband (named Jim) Went Off To Work As Usual, And Left His Beautiful, Well-endowed Wife At Home, As Usual.

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My Friend Steve

One day a husband (named Jim) went off to work as usual, and left his
beautiful, well-endowed wife at home, as usual. Later in the morning,
his best friend, Steve, came to the house and rang the doorbell. When
the wife answered, the friend asked if Jim was home. She told him no,
and then he said, "You know, you are an absolutely stunning woman_I've
always admired you. If I gave you $l00, would you show me one of your
breasts?" She was a little shocked, but she said, "You mean, just show it
to you? No touching?" He said, "Yes, that's all I want." So she did. He
thanked her profusely and then said, "If I give you another $l00, would you
show me the other one?" Well, she'd already shown him one, so she figured,
why not. He again thanked her over and over and said what a great
experience she'd given him_she'd made his day. Then he left. Later the
husband came home from work, and the wife told him that his friend Steve had
come by. "Oh," said the husband, "Did he drop off the $200 he owes me?"