Learnign To Share There Was A Man And Woman That Were Married.

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There was a man and woman that were married. And the man had a
problem with referring to everything as his instead of theirs.
He would say things like, "My children are sweet" or "My house
is beautiful" and this misusage of pronouns upset his wife. She
had discussed it with him many times and he had disregarded it
and not paid any attention to it. Well, one day he came in from
work and said, "Honey, will you pull MY car into the garage?"
His wife was so frustrated that she picked up an iron skillet
and hit him right between the eyes. She immediately began
screaming she didn't know why she had just done what she did,
She was afraid he may die or something. So she runs across the
street and gets her neighbor, She is yelling very loudly and her
neighbor couldn't hardly understand her, but she got the message.
Her neighbor watched the kids for her as she got in the ambulance
to ride with her husband. She was sitting there watching them try
to revive her husband, just praying and asking the Lord to spare
his life and forgive her for what she had done. And after she got
to the hospital they told her that he was going to be okay. Shortly
after they came and said he was awake and she could go talk to him.
She really didn't know what to say to him, considering she had
clobbered him with a skillet. But she goes in and pleads for his
forgiveness and says,"Honey, please forgive me, I didn't mean to
hurt you." He quickly interjects," Oh, it's my fault, I should have
listened to you earlier" Then she says, "Are you okay?" He says,
" Yes, now will you hand me OUR pants so we can go home?"