Top Ten New Slogans For The Tobacco Industry 10. "Cigarette

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Top Ten New Slogans for the Tobacco Industry

10. "Cigarettes: They're like Big Macs for your lungs!"
9. "If you stop smoking, Joe Camel will come to your house and put
the hurt on you"
8. "Recommended by four out of five doctors named Kevorkian"
7. "Tobacco: Still safer than crack"
6. "You'd better keep smoking, because Nicorette gum tastes like
5. "We'll blacken any lungs for $99.95!"
4. "You'll come for the nicotine, you'll stay for the wet hacking
3. "Smoke your fat a** good-bye!"
2. "Warning: The surgeon general is one lyin' son of a bi(&*%$ !"
1. "Smoke this!"

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