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From werner Thu Oct 27 14:06:34 1988
Flags: 000000000001
From: fgz@lakart.UUCP (Federico Genoese-Zerbi)
Subject: The POWER of RANDOM
Keywords: true, smirk
Date: 2 Dec 88 03:30:03 GMT

This was an ad I found in a "Sporting Edge" catalog (you know, one of those
yuppy hardware stuff catalogs). I thought it was great....I also thought
that I should perhaps open up my own service. I can just see it:

FEDERICO'S RANDOM NUMBER SYSTEM. Guaranteed to follow no
pattern whatsoever, or something like that.

Anyway, enjoy the ad.

Tap the power of _random_ selection to increase chances of winning the

Lotto players face a dilemma each time they buy a ticket. What numbers
to pick? Studies have shown that most lotto winners don't use any sort of
special system to select their numbers. Instead, they tap the power of
_random selection_.

The Millionaire Maker is a novel, fun way to user random selection to
pick your numbers. It works just like a state Lotto machine. A tiny
battery-powered motor under the base rotates the sphere, which holds 80
numbered balls. Press one button and the sphere mixes the balls thoroughly.
Touch the other and the sphere rotates in the opposite direction...a clever
scooping system lifts a single ball at a time, up and into a sliding tray.

To return the balls to the sphere simply place them on the filling tray
and tilt it up. Now you are ready to choose another perfectly random set of

Order Millionaire Maker today, for yourself, or friends who enjoy
playing Lotto. _YOU_ night bust the Lotto and be an instant millionaire!

#413110 Millionaire Maker $19.95 (1lb.)