If You MUST Reply To A Rejection, Include A Description Of Your Joke Because There Is

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If you MUST reply to a rejection, include a description of your joke
because there is 0 chance I will remember which one it was.

From werner Wed Oct 26 14:06:34 1988
Flags: 000000000001
From: dale@sp7040.UUCP (Dale Clark)
Subject: First Day in Prison joke.
Keywords: rec.humor, rec_humor_cull, sexual, swearing, rot13
Date: 18 Oct 88 09:30:04 GMT
Organization: Unisys, Salt Lake City, UT

Znex Ubsszna (n jryy xabja jrveq-b va Hgnu) jnf frag gb cevfba naq cynprq
va n pryy jvgu n uhtr, oheyrl thl. Jura yvtugf-bhg bppheerq, gur
ovt thl tbg bhg bs uvf ohax naq fnvq gb Ubsszna,

"Jr'er tbvat gb unir frk! Lbh jnag gb or gur Zbzzvr be gur Qnqqvr?"

N irel greevsvrq Ubsszna ercyvrq,

"Hu, jryy, V thrff V'yy or gur Qnqqvr."

Gura gur oheyrl thl fnvq,

"BX gura, trg qbja urer naq fhpx lbhe Zbzzn'f qvpx!"