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From werner Wed Jul 13 14:06:34 1988
Flags: 000000000001
From: alj@mtunb.UUCP
Subject: People just love Nancy
Keywords: heard it, sexual, offense=Republicans, rot13
Date: 27 Sep 88 09:30:04 GMT

Anapl Erntna vf gur pryroevgl pbagrfgnag ba Cnffjbeq.
Vg'f ure ghea gb thrff gur jbeq.

Ibvpr Bire: Naq gur cnffjbeq vf. . . oynpx qvpx!
Anapl: Hz. . . vf vg n cynpr?
Ure cnegre: Ab.
Anapl: Vf vg n crefba?
Ure cnegare: Ab.
Anapl: Uzz, gura vg zhfg or n guvat. Hz, vf vg fbzrguvat V zvtug jnag gb rng?
Ure cnegare, rknfcrengrq: Jryy, V qhaab, znlor.
Anapl: Vf vg oynpx qvpx?