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From werner Wed Jul 13 14:06:34 1988
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From: apratt@atari.UUCP (Allan Pratt)
Subject: Bush joke by Bob Hope
Keywords: topical, chuckle
Date: 19 Sep 88 15:30:04 GMT
Organization: Atari (US) Corporation, Sunnyvale, California

There was a "Gala" for George Bush in San Jose yesterday, where the
Governor of California hosted and Bob Hope was one of the speakers. I
heard this quote on the radio (paraphrased then as now):

"George is always prepared, always ready. In fact, He was ready for
Pearl Harbor three months before it happened!"

-- Allan Pratt, Atari Corp.

[ Here's an editor's own contribution! George Bush recently explained
his mistake about Pearl Harbour by stating he was simply practicing for
a job as a U.S. Boxing coach in the Olympics. ]