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Sheikh Muslih-uddin Sa'di Shirazi
World famous Persian (Iranian) 13th century poet.

Bustan in Persian means flower-garden and Bustan of Sa'di is a composition of stories and maxims each representing a flower of this garden. Bustan of Sa'di is world famous due to its eloquence of style, clear language, moral guidance and counseling through the art of poetry. Sa'di himself describes this book as: I traveled in many regions of the globe and passed the days in the company of many men. I reaped advantages in every corner, and gleaned an ear of corn from every harvest. I regretted that I should go from the garden of the world empty-handed to my friends, and reflected: "Travelers bring sugar-candy from Egypt as a present to their friends. Although I have no candy, yet have I words that are sweeter. The sugar that I bring is not that which is eaten, but what knowers of truth take away with respect ..."

(Originally written in Farsi and later translated into English)