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Note on Apocryphal Supplements to the Masnavi.
In the Lucknow edition there follows an epilogue written by Muhammad Ilahi
Bakhsh, giving a continuation of the story of the third brother, but nothing of
the kind is found in any of the other editions.
The Bulaq edition adds a so-called Book VII., but this is known to be a
comparatively recent forgery. Haji Khalfa says: "It is notorious that the
Masnavi is contained in six books, but a seventh book has made its appearance,
put forth by Ismail Dadah, the commentator. He also wrote a commentary on it,
and therein replied with eloquence and strenuousness to those who denied its
genuineness. He says in his commentary that when he came to write out his fifth
volume in the year 1035 A.H., he met with Book VII. in a copy of the Masnavi
dated 814 A.H. He bought it and read it through, and was satisfied that it was
undoubtedly a composition of the author of the Masnavi. But the other Darveshes
of the Maulavi order denied the genuineness of the Seventh Book."
The contents of this Seventh Book consist of comments on various texts and
traditions, illustrated by stories of no interest. They have nothing in common
with the Epilogue of Muhammad Ilahi Bakhsh, found in the Lucknow edition.