Singers: Without A Mayor Quimby, Our Town Would Really Sink, [a Garbage Truck With A "Vote Quimby" Ad Empties A Bin] We Wouldn't Have A Tire Yard, Or A Mid-size Roller Rink.

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Singers: Without a Mayor Quimby, our town would really sink,
[a garbage truck with a "Vote Quimby" ad empties a bin]
We wouldn't have a tire yard, or a mid-size roller rink.
[Quimby grins next to burning tires, then roller skates]
We wouldn't have our gallows, or our shiny Bigfoot trap,
[Quimby grins through noose, then smiles next to trap]
It's not the mayor's fault that the stadium collapsed.
[Quimby surveys damage sadly, then shrugs and smiles]
Voice: Quimby. If you were running for mayor, he'd vote for you.
Paid for by the "Mayor Quimby for Mayor" Mayoral Committee.
-- A campaign ad for Diamond Joe, "Sideshow Bob Roberts"