Bob: Hello, Children. [with Malice] Hello, Bart. Ba

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Bob: Hello, children. [with malice] Hello, Bart.
Bart: Eep.
Bob: Young friends, my opponent, Joe Quimby, is confused about your
school system. Do you know what he does? He flip-flops.
[does backflips; children marvel]
Sometimes he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.
[walks funny; children clap and cheer]
He wants to sell your future short.
[shrinks, walks sideways; children clap more]
Lisa: Hmm. Bart, we can't let Bob steal the spotlight. We're going
to have to stoop to the lowest common denominator.
Bart: I can do that.
[they jump into Quimby's arms]
Quimby: Aah! Help! I'm being attacked by...things!
[cameras turn from Bob juggling to Quimby]
Lisa: [chilidishly] [giggles] Uncle Mayor was just saying that us kids
are the most important natural resource we have.
Kent: More important than _coal_?!
Quimby: [uncertain] Uh, yes.
-- Kent "living in the 19th century" Brockman,
"Sideshow Bob Roberts"