Marge: [reading The Paper] Mmm. It Says Freddy Quimby Beat A Waiter Half To Death!

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Marge: [reading the paper] Mmm. It says Freddy Quimby beat a waiter
half to death! Those Quimby children are so wild and rich, I
hope he finally gets what's coming to him.
Bart: But Freddy Quimby's innocent!
Lisa: How do you know? There weren't any witnesses.
Bart: Heh, oh yeah, right.
Lisa: You'd think someone would have seen something at a crowded party
like that.
Bart: Well they didn't, OK? They didn't. It says right here in black
and white, "No witnesses." Case closed. [grabs paper] Now let's
all read the funnies. [reads] Oh look: Charlie Brown said "good
grief". Hah. I didn't see _that_ coming. [forced laughter]
-- 37 years of "Good Grief", "The Boy Who Knew Too Much"