Quimby: And This Proposed Expressway Will Bring Increased Commerce To Our Local Merchants.

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Quimby: And this proposed expressway will bring increased commerce to
our local merchants.
[people gab amongst themselves]
Abe: What's in it for us?
Jasper: Yeah, give us something we like or we'll ride you out of town on
a rail!
Quimby: Ahem, well, uh, what do you people like?
Jasper: Sleep.
Man: Sexy dames, and plenty of 'em.
Abe: Maaatloock!
[murmurs of assent]
Quimby: Well, I suppose I could name it the "Matlock Expressway".
[everyone cheers]
-- His honor polls the electorate,
"Sideshow Bob Roberts"