Homer: Wait A Minute...even Lenny Is Teaching A Class!

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Homer: Wait a minute...even Lenny is teaching a class! Look at the way
they admire and adore him.
[everyone drools 'baccy, dreamily watching Lenny]
That's it. If he can teach a class, _he_ can teach a class -- I
mean, _I_ can teach a class!
[in the Administrator's office]
Admin: What is your area of expertise?
Homer: Well, I can tell the difference between butter and "I Can't
Believe It's Not Butter!"
Admin: No you can't, Mr. Simpson! No one can.
Homer: Oh, I've failed again. Everyone can teach a class but me. I'm
an idiot! What am I going to tell my wife and kids?
Admin: Oh, you're married?
Homer: That depends...is there another way to get this job? [blinks
Admin: No...Mr. Simpson, what I mean is, we may have a job for you after
all. We need someone to teach a course on how to build a
successful marriage.
Homer: I'll do it. _Anything_ to get me out of that house away from all
that nagging, and noise...of a family of love. Sha na na na...
-- Quickly backpedaling,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"