Carl: Hey, Homer, Are You Sure It's OK To Smoke Cuban Cigars And Gamble Here Now That Your Wife's A Cop?

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Carl: Hey, Homer, are you sure it's OK to smoke Cuban cigars and gamble
here now that your wife's a cop?
Homer: Are you kidding? Being a cop husband is one mighty sweet deal!
This police radio entertains me with other people's miseries, we
get a free funeral for Marge (God forbid), and I can run
background checks on whomever I want! [to Moe] -- Mohammar.
Moe: Homer, please! Please, ixnay on the ohammar-May.
Homer: [holding a radar gun] Hey, hurry it up with the cards, Lenny:
I've got you clocked at two miles per hour.
Lenny: Come on, put that away: those radar guns give you cancer.
Homer: All the more reason for you to hurry up. Hey, what could be
going a hundred miles per -- ow! [Lenny slugs him]
-- Homer's love for technology,
"The Springfield Connection"