Marge: Homer, I Really Appreciate You Making Dinner, But This Food Tastes A Little Strange.

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Marge: Homer, I really appreciate you making dinner, but this food
tastes a little strange.
Lisa: It hurts my teeth.
Homer: That's because I've loaded it with sugar!
[holds up bag containing "Farmer Homer's Sweet Sweet Sugar"]
Marge, our ship has come in! I found five hundred pounds of
sugar [to Bart, sly] in the forest [to Marge] that I'm going to
sell directly to the consumer! All for a low, low price of one
dollar per pound.
Marge: But the grocery store sells sugar for thirty-five cents a pound.
Lisa: And it doesn't have nails and broken glass in it.
Homer: Those are prizes! [eats a mouthful] Ooh, a blasting cap.
-- Don't bite down too hard, now, "Lisa's Rival"