Ong Finishes] Bart: [groans] Marty: And That Was "Take This Job And Shove It.

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[song finishes]
Bart: [groans]
Marty: And that was "Take This Job and Shove It." Now let's make
another one of our lucky phone calls --
Bill: OK, just answer the phone with the special phrase that pays and
you'll have your choice of $10,000 in cash --
[cash register bell sounds]
-- or a really stuuupid prize.
[cuckoo clock chimes]
[goofy laughter]
Marty: Well, let's make that call.
[phone next to Bart rings]
Bart: KBBL's going to give me something stupid!
Abe: Bart, I'm having palpitations!
Bart: Can't tie up the line, Grampa. [hangs up]
-- And you didn't call 911 because...?,
"Bart Gets an Elephant"