Bart: Hey, Lis. A Moment Of Your Time. Lisa: [stops Playing Her Sax] Yeah?

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Bart: Hey, Lis. A moment of your time.
Lisa: [stops playing her sax] Yeah?
Bart: Suppose I was writing my <second> letter to a girl, and I already
used up my A-material. What should I say?
Lisa: [teasing] Ooooh, could it be there's a special someone you're not
telling me about? [puts down he sax, bats her eyelashes coyly]
Bart: Oh, please.
Lisa: Is it Sherri?
Bart: No.
Lisa: Is it Terri?
Bart: No!
Lisa: Is it that girl with the lazy eyepatch?
Bart: No!
Lisa: Is it that exchange student, M!pa?
Bart: No!! It's <not> for me. It's... homework.
Lisa: Sure it is.
Hey Bart, [teasing, makes goo-goo eyes] let's do some homework!
[puckers up]
Bart: [finally fed up, pushes Lisa aside]
-- "Bart the Lover"