Skinner: [to Edna] I'll Handle This. Simpson! I'm Giving You Till The Count Of Three To Come Out!

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Skinner: [to Edna] I'll handle this. Simpson! I'm giving you till the
count of three to come out! One, two, three! [pause] I've
done all I can do.
Edna: We better call his parents.
Marge: [Runs dripping from the shower toward the ringing phone]
Just a minute! Don't hang up!
[picks up the phone, but it's dead]
Edna: No answer at home; I'll call his father.
Homer: [Runs with a towel around his waist toward the phone]
Just a minute! Don't hang up!
Y'ello? You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.
-- "Bart Gets Famous"