Homer: Oh, I Gotta Call Everyone And Tell Them The Good News.

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Homer: Oh, I gotta call everyone and tell them the good news.
[picks up phone: "In use"]
What the -- oh. Maggie! I need to use the phone!
[upstairs, Maggie glowers]
Will that girl ever shut up? OK, Marge, I'll plan everything: we
can have the reception at Moe's. Wait! Why not have the whole
wedding there? We'll do it on a Monday morning. There'll be
fewer drunks.
Marge: Homer, don't take this personally, but I've obtained a court
order to prevent you from planning this wedding.
Homer: [reads documents] Well, these seem to be in order. I'll be out
back in the hammock.
-- Homer takes rejection well, "Lisa's Wedding"