Bart+Lisa: HAP-PY BIRTH-DAY! Homer: [alarmed] Aaggh!

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Homer: [alarmed] Aaggh! Whaa... What!
Lisa: Here's your birthday breakfast!
Marge: [delighted] Ooh! Well isn't this nice!
Homer: My birthday?
Lisa: No!
Homer: It's my birthday! What did I get? I <love> birthdays!
Marge: [angrily] No Homer, it's mine!
Bart: You don't even know your own wife's birthday?
Homer: Well, of, ... of course I know! Sure! [nudges Marge with his
elbow] You really thought I'd forgot, didn't you? [gets out of
Bart: Oh, right. What did you get her Dad?
Lisa: Yeah, whadja get?
Homer: [getting dressed] A very... thoughtful gift... But it's a
surprise! [stretches his arms] You know it's such a beautiful
morning, I think I'll take a little stroll around the block.
[leaves the room. We hear the pit-pat of feet accelerating down
the stairs and into the car, followed by the squeal of car
-- "Jacques to be Wild"