Homer: [gasps, Then Realizes] Oh, It's Bart. I Can't Believe It.

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Homer: [gasps, then realizes] Oh, it's Bart. I can't believe it. I'm
being mocked. By my own children. On my birthday.
Bart: It's your birthday?
Homer: Yes! Remember, it's the same day as the dog's.
Lisa: Santa's Little Helper, it's your birthday? Ooh! We've gotta get
you a present. [cuddling him] Yes we do! Yes we do!
Bart: [cuddling him] We love you boy.
Marge: [cuddling him] Good doggie. Good doggie.
[Maggie joins in, leaving Homer alone at the table]
Homer: Lousy loveable dog.
-- Yet with an untwistable stomach,
"The Springfield Files"