Homer: [wobbly] Here You Go, Honey. [drops A Can Of Duff Into A Bag] That's About All The Recycling *hic* I Can Handle Today.

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Homer: [wobbly] Here you go, honey. [drops a can of Duff into a
That's about all the recycling *hic* I can handle today.
Lisa: Dad, if you just drink one more I'll have a full bag.
Homer: Oh, but Daddy doesn't feel so good.
Lisa: Hm. There's gotta be more trash around here somewhere.
Homer: Hey, why don't you try the old folks' home? They
practically live in their own filth!
Lisa: Thanks, Dad!
Homer: You're welcome, honey ... [passes out]
-- Giving his all for the cause,
"The Old Man and the Lisa"