Lisa: Here Dad, I Brought You Some Nice -- Aah! [sees Homer With A Potted Plant] Home

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Lisa: Here Dad, I brought you some nice -- aah!
[sees Homer with a potted plant]
Homer: Good news, Lisa: I don't need your mother any more! I've created
a replacement for her that's superior in almost every way.
[clips some branches]
Lisa: Dad, that's just a plant.
Homer: [aghast] Lisa! You will respect your new mother. Now give her a
kiss. Kiss her!
[drops plant; it smashes on the ground]
Homer: Omigod omigod omigod! [pants] All right, let's get out story
straight: she tripped, right?
Lisa: [forced happiness] Look, I brought you some nice pudding!
Homer: Ah, your flesh mother used to bring me pudding.
-- Quick diversion of attention,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"