Ned: Rev. Lovejoy, With All That's Happened To Us Today, I Kinda Feel Like Job.

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Ned: Rev. Lovejoy, with all that's happened to us today, I kinda
feel like Job.
Lovejoy: Well, aren't you being a tad melodramatic, uh, Ned? Also, I
believe Job was right-handed.
Ned: But Reverend, I need to know, is God punishing me?
Lovejoy: Shooh, short answer: "Yes" with an "If," long answer: "No" --
with a "But." Uh, if you need additional solace, by the way,
I've got a copy of something or other by Art Linkletter in my
-- Jesus' 13th disciple: Art Linkletter,
"Hurricane Neddy"