Moe: Geez, Homer. I Never Seen A Guy Stand Up To That Kind Of Punishment.

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Moe: Geez, Homer. I never seen a guy stand up to that kind of
punishment. I mean, you took a three-man pounding and didn't even
fall down.
Homer: Big deal. I didn't even get my kid's belt back. The only thing
a loser like me is good for is taking beatings.
Moe: There you go! That's the spirit! Homer, I've seen prizefighters
couldn't take a punch half as good as you. You know, boxing
might be right up your alley.
Homer: Really?
Moe: Oh please! It's the good life, Homer. Some of these boxers,
they eat steak _and_ lobster _and_ salad bar all in a single
Homer: [gasps] Dressing...?
Moe: Their choice.
-- "The Homer They Fall"