Abe: Boy, You Borrow Us Some Diving Equipment While I Borrow This Boat.

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Abe: Boy, you borrow us some diving equipment while I borrow
this boat.
[starts sawing the anchor]
Ned: [on the boat] Well, howdy-doodily, stranger! Couldn't
help but notice you're stealing my boat.
Abe: I'll bring it back.
Ned: You ever operated a powerboat?
Abe: No.
Ned: Know anything about water safety?
Abe: No!
Ned: What do you need it for?
Abe: It's a secret.
Ned: Hoo-hoo, sounds spine-tingling-dingling! Just promise
you'll have a good time.
[hands him the keys]
Ned: Maude, boys, come on up! We're gonna have a little camp
out in the dingy!
Maude & Kids: Yay!
-- Stealing ain't like it used to be anymore,
"The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"