Ned: Howdily Doodily, There, President Bush -- Or Should I Say, "President Neighbor"!

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Ned: Howdily doodily, there, President Bush -- or should I say,
"President Neighbor"! I'm Ned Flanders, and this is Maude, Rod,
and Todd.
George: Well, howdily doodily yourself, there, Ned. This is my wife
Barbara. I call her Bar. Would you like some lemonade?
Ned: Tip top notch!
George: Okily dokily. [hands Ned some]
Ned: Thankily dankily!
[they both drink]
George: Scrump-diddley-eriffic!
Both: Fine and dandy like sour candy!
George: Bar's a whiz with cold drinks, aren't you, Bar? Don't
understand lemonade myself -- not my forte...
-- Not a George of all trades, "Two Bad Neighbors"