Krusty Sails Out Of View] Lisa: What About The Great Feeling You Get From Knowing You're Better Than Regular People?

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[Krusty sails out of view]
Lisa: What about the great feeling you get from knowing you're better
than regular people?
Bart: What about being an illiterate clown who's still more respected
than all the educators in the country put together!
[Krusty throws down his anchor]
Krusty: Yeah! I'm not gonna let those guys hog all the respect while
I'm out here in this stinking tub.
[dives into the water and swims to shore]
That's just what those eggheads want! Well, forget it
poindexter, 'cause Krusty's back in town!
B+L: Yay!
-- Forget those PC thugs, "Bart the Fink"