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Burns: Smithers, what are you doing up here?
Homer: And what are you doing with this ball, and all those other
[many anagrammed golf balls pour forth from Smithers'
Smithers: Uh, there are no other balls, just these, uh, reptile eggs.
Step away, they're endangered.
Homer: [puts one in his mouth] These aren't reptile eggs. You've
been cheating! No matter where Mr. Burns hits the ball,
you put a fresh one on the green.
Burns: [gasps] Cheating? For me? Why, Smithers, that's patently
unnecessary. I'm one of the world's finest golfers. Why,
in all the years you've caddied for me, I've never lost a--
[realizing] Oh.
-- Megalomania is shot down again,
"Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"