Ned: Now, Folks, Nothing Spells "fun" Like Rhinestones On A Dungaree Jacket!

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Ned: Now, folks, nothing spells "fun" like rhinestones on a dungaree
jacket! [holds up "Disco Stu" jacket]
Man: Stu! You should buy that!
Stu: Hey: Disco Stu doesn't advertise.
Homer: Uh, hey, Ned, let me help you with that.
[grabs mike] Hey, everybody! Who thinks Flanders should shut
[everyone cheers; Ned looks worried]
So, anyone here from Evergreen Terrace?
[everyone cheers]
I think this is the best neighborhood in town! Anybody agree
with me?
[everyone cheers]
Carl: Yeah, you're the king, Homer!
Wiggum: King of the neighborhood!
Homer: [holding up T-shirt] Say, that Ayatollah thinks he's better
than America. Is he right?
["No! Boo!" etc., except one man says "Yes..."]
Well, for only $5, you could sock it to him in style!
Moe: Right here! [pays; gets shirt]
Homer: And, for the man who has everything, a tie rack motor!
Skinner: I'll take that.
-- Hidden emcee talent, "Two Bad Neighbors"