Marge: Do They Have To Play That Rock Music? Every Note Is Pounding Into My Skull!

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Marge: Do they have to play that rock music? Every note is pounding
into my skull!
[the central part of the speaker shoots through her hair]
Hapablap: Anybody out there feel the need for speed?
Everyone: Yaya!
Marge: [drolly] Yat.
Hapablap: Then get ready for the pride of the United States Air Force:
the British-made Harrier Jump Jet!
[ets fly by to the tune of "Rock You Like A Hurricane"]
Lisa: Dad! Why aren't you looking?
Homer: Heh heh, why jerk my neck around like a goon when Tyrranno-
vision decides what I should look at?
-- Thank you, jumbo TV, "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"