Lisa: I Don't Know, Bart. Something Tells Me Willy's Still Out There, And That He Could Come Back At Any Time In Any Form And Kill Us In Ways We Can't Even Imagine!

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Lisa: I don't know, Bart. Something tells me Willy's still out there,
and that he could come back at any time in any form and kill us
in ways we can't even imagine!
[a bus pulls up; Willy gets off]
Willy: Boo! [laughs] [makes some faces and noises]
[the bus leaves]
Stop! I left my gun on the seat. Hey!
[he starts chasing it, then turns back] Wait here, please.
[he runs off, losing his shoe, while a saxophone plays the theme
-- Rowdy Roddy Peeper, goofball,
"Treehouse of Horror VI"