Quimby: Are There Any Suggestions For How To Attract More Tourism?

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Quimby: Are there any suggestions for how to attract more tourism?
[Patty and Selma raise their hands]
[they stand next to a blackboard with "Springfield" on it]
Patty: The easiest way to be popular is to leech off the popularity
of others.
Selma: So we propose changing our name from "Springfield" to
"Seinfeld". [does so on the blackboard]
[a bass synth riff a la "Seinfeld" plays]
Bart: {I may be just a boy, but I have an idea. If I may, I'd like
to show you a few slides.
[a slide shows a closeup of someone's butt]
Here's Springfield as it appears from space. Somewhere in
this windy valley is the Lost Dutchman's Mine.}
Quimby: {Young man, that appears to be a picture of your rear end.}
Bart: {So long, suckers!
[pulls screen cord, gets yanked up with it and wrapped inside
Aw, this is the last time I use an escape plan devised by
Milhouse: {[wrapped inside other end] Uh, sorry Bart.}
-- A town meeting is called, "A Star is Burns"