Rooney: Milhouse, Listen: You Can't Quit This Movie.

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Rooney: Milhouse, listen: you can't quit this movie. I've seen your
work; it's good -- very, very good. Van Johnson good.
Milhouse: I know I'm good. Movie stardom is just so hollow.
Rooney: Hollow?! The only thing in show business that's hollow is
the music industry. Come on, Milhouse, you _have_ to do
this, if not for yourself, then for the moviegoing public and
for the foreign markets that are more important than ever
nowadays and...finally, for me -- the Mickster.
Milhouse: [adamant] No.
Rooney: All right, I tried. Fortunately, we have a perfectly good
Fallout Boy right here. [puts his arm around Bart]
[next shot shows Rooney in Fallout Boy costume]
Rooney: Jiminy jillikers. Jiminy jillikers. Jiminy jillikers!
Director: [covering his eyes] We're shutting down production.
Assistant: Yeah, well, we only have $1000 left anyway.
Quimby: Uh, there's a $1000 leaving town tax.
-- Good to the last milked drop, "Radioactive Man"