Marge: [gasps] Illegal Gambling In My House? Moe

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Marge: [gasps] Illegal gambling in my house?
Moe: _Your_ house? _Your_ house? Gee, it's so glamorously decorated
I thought I was in Vegas! Hey, you guys lied to me: you said it
was Vegas!
Barney: Yeah, well we'll be going.
[everyone leaves, murmuring]
Homer: Marge, you chased away all my poker buddies!
Marge: I didn't mean to.
Homer: Oh, you've become such a cop. And not that long ago you were so
much more to me: you were a cleaner of pots, a sewer of buttons,
an unclogger of hairy clogs.
Marge: I'm still all those things, only now I'm cleaning up the city,
sewing together the social fabric, and unplugging the clogs of
our legal system.
Homer: You're cooking what for dinner?
-- Marge attempts a parallel structure,
"The Springfield Connection"